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bengie - Benedikt J. Feldmann

Hello! You look our new website, the whole page. You probably are wondering why the banner, menu, logo and t-shirt all turquoise colors. Do you want to know why? bengie who is from Germany will explain you more about the color meaning.

The turquoise color. But why turquoise? What about this color? In this color, there are two others, blue and green, and both together become turquoise. What meaning for turquoise? Until now, there is no really meaning. This can represent the sea, transparent, the summer, and the cold too. But there is no real meaning. However, there are some colors that have their own meaning, for example black is symbolic of death, red means love, but turquoise?

In 1999, the WFD Congress in Australia, Paddy Ladd, proposed the blue ribbon to symbolize the Deaf Community. The congress accepted and celebrated, but the color did not spread quickly.

In 2002, Austria has decided to rather take the turquoise color and spread across the ribbons, bracelets, clothes,... 8 years later, this color is beginning to circulate, but not really anywhere in the world.

In Berlin, Germany, we decided to make a parade to show our colors and understand and explain why we chose the turquoise. During the parade, we can be proud of our language, our hands and eyes, the most important symbols of the Deaf Community. But unlike the color turquoise, hand symbol has many meanings, and the symbol of the eye too, which represents for example the eye of God, or the Egyptian eye. The two together also have a meaning: the eye on the hand is the symbol of Buddhism. We are therefore faced with a difficult choice and we therefore turned to turquoise, we can adopt as a symbol of pride in our Sign Language, our history, our union. We are trying to spread up that color as a symbol of equality.
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